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Product: Touch Free Key

One of the hottest products on the market, our Touch Free Key will provide a sense of security during these trying times. Not only is the Touch Free Key a convenient way to promote your company, it is a safe way to protect yourself from deadly viruses.

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Product Description:

  • 3" X 2" double sided Touch Free Key
  • Our product is made of copper which is known to kill all viruses.
  • Plastic, Stainless, Offshore metals = Will not reduce Corona Virus spread until at least 2-3 days or more
  • Provides a safe and alternate way to open doors, use keypads, and to provide an overall touch free option
  • Made in USA
  • According to a study in the Journal of Hospital Infection. The bottom line: Copper or brass would be your best bet for investing in a hands-free touch tool.