Salute To The C-Suite

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We love gifts. We love getting them, and some of us even love giving them. But what do you get the man or woman who has everything—or, in the case of executives, leads everything? Executive gifts don’t have to be stuffy, staid or destined for the desk, but they should reflect the recipient’s personal tastes and professional achievements.

Executives who are constantly on the go and dependent on mobile technology to stay connected are prime candidates for mobile accessories. The key in selecting a gift is to focus on quality and aesthetics as well as functionality.

A technology-company client sought gifts for its leaders that could be used as recognition for anniversaries as well as work in tandem with corporate iPads, which C-suite executives used in their work. In addition, the company wanted an item that was personal in nature. Supplier Gordon Sinclair (UPIC: GORDON66) in New Hyde Park, New York, provided a leather iPad case that also offered Bluetooth connectivity. The case was printed with the company’s logo and the anniversary recognition for greater personalization. The result? Feedback at the company was tremendously positive, and a reorder was placed; now the company considers them a preferred provider.

Of course, the personal touch can also be made through low-tech recognition. Mallory Brown with supplier Wall Street Greetings (UPIC: wallst) in Versailles, Kentucky, says a simple handwritten note still makes a memorable impact. “Businesses and executives are looking for solutions that connect them in a more personal way. The greeting card serves as a reason to pause to reflect on the relationship, and it reinforces the importance of connecting beyond the computer screen,” Brown says.

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