• Custom Enhancements


    When employees reach a significant personal milestone or reach a long standing corporate goal, they deserve a significant award. We can help you design a custom program that includes a jewelry enhancements that will acknowledge the achievements that are important to corporate culture.

    Jewelry Enhancements can add longevity and add to the value of a corporate award program. We can add jewelry pieces to emblems, add stones to a ring program or package the jewelry in beautiful presentation boxes.

  • Stone Options


    Stones are a great way to enhance your award and promote longevity of a program. Stones may be added at the time of production or added to the award at future levels of achievement. Stones can be added to most of the custom jewelry that we manufacture as long as the piece is designed to hold stones.

    Stone choice can signify a birthstone, corporate color, or personal preference. We offer both genuine and synthetic stones and an array of sizes, shapes and colors. These radiant stones are available in smooth top or brilliant facet top.

    Click below to see some examples of how you can incorporate a stone with your corporate award.

  • Corporate Emblem


    Enhance your program by adding accessories to any emblem, either domestic or promotional. Accessories add value, beauty and effectiveness to a corporate recognition program.

    Black Forest offers so many options for your awards the choices are almost endless. Our emblem options can be added to rings, pins, watches and more. We have lots of new designs and ideas that would be perfect to add.

  • Jewelry Options


    Elegant jewelry options will help enhance your emblematic program and create opportunities for additional levels of award choices.

    Black Forest offers a wide variety of products to enhance a corporate emblem, such as: Necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks, money clips, key tags, wine charms and much more.

    We offer them in a variety of metals and sizes to hit the price point you are needing.

  • Packaging Options


    Packaging can strongly enhance the value of an award, the right packaging can also help sell a product.

    Packaging is a unique discipline that blends science and technology, design, marketing and business principles. The true function of product packaging is to protect the product during shipment from the manufacturer to the recipient. In marketing and market development, packaging is the “dress” on the product, it plays a vital role in the branding process of the product.

    We offer a variety of packaging options to choose from, click below to see some examples of how you can enhance your corporate award.