Program Selection

  • Award Program Selection

    Program Selection

    When you are ready to begin a corporate award program it is important to get started on the right foot. Our job is to help your organization to implement and manage an effective award program that will engage and motivate your employees. Your corporate reward and recognition program needs to be in line with your corporate goals. It is important that the behaviors and attitudes you are rewarding are a reflection on how you want your entire organization to develop. A program that recognizes and reinforces those company values will encourage other employees to act in line with achieving those goals.

    Start with key management personnel and develop some ideas about the kinds of behaviors you would like to see recognized throughout your organization. This can include job performance, such as sales achievement, safety, years of service, or product development goals or meeting customer timetables ahead of schedule. You can also choose to reward behavior, such as exceptional customer service or team work or leadership. It really is up to your organization and how you would like to reward your employee. Once you have a list of those behaviors then you can begin to think about ways to give corporate gifts and recognition to employees that demonstrate those key values.

  • Award Program Types

    Program Type

    Your purpose in creating an employee rewards program may be to create some acknowledgment and motivation for your company team. The purpose behind a recognition program is to help motivate your employees to earn the rewards and ultimately help you meet business goals. Take the ideas and behaviors your corporate team would like to see recognized and consider what type of award you would like to give them. Your objective in creating your employee reward program may be to create motivation, reward sales, recognize years of service, or show appreciation for work safety.

    Ultimately the most important thing is that their efforts were properly rewarded for furthering the corporate objective. Through that, you can make your employees feel they are an important part of the company. The loyalty that is established through recognizing contributions made by your employees is one of the best side effects of a corporate reward program.

    One of the best ways to find out what motivates your employees is to ask them., but here are a few suggestions about award programs you can implement:
    Milestone Recognition
    Years of Service Award
    Safety Award
    Sales Incentive
    Retirement Gifts

  • Custom Logo Awards


    Employees are proud of where they work, and companies spent a lot of money to create and brand their logo. Why not create a custom employee award program that includes employee gifts, service award pins, custom award rings, charms or watches. Each one can be custom created by our talented artists to reflect your corporate environment and engraved with your logo. This creates a distinct award that helps represent a corporate idea, business motto of individual achievement. A single logo or message embodied in a lapel pin strengthens the corporate spirit and adds to a company’s confidence and commitment.

    From custom jewelry to being able to pick and choose custom products and custom levels within your corporate reward program Black Forest gives you the opportunity to build your program, specifically for your company, from the ground up.

    Corporate Branding
    Don’t create a canned approach to your corporate award gifts or reward program. A corporate award needs to be personalized in a meaningful way. One of the best ways to do that is by adding a corporate logo and meaningful custom message about the achievement the employee has accomplished. We design your deluxe presentation packets to reflect your company branding and logo. By adding our custom recognition website all your communications can reflect your company logo and further reflect your corporate objectives.

    Make an impression that lasts with our recognition packet to give the award that finishing touch. This packet includes a custom- designed gift packet and folder, framed certificate, and letter from the President all enclosed within a black presentation box with gold seal.

  • Award Program Timing

    Program Timing

    Once you have determined the corporate awards you would like to give then you need to think about when these gifts will be distributed. Many companies hold an annual event where they can personally hand the corporate gifts to the employees. There are more ways to do it though depending on your award. You could implement an annual sales award, or even a monthly safety award. Some of this may be determined by what you are recognizing and how often that achievement can come up but don’t think that corporate awards need to only be a yearly thing.

    Many corporate awards are years of service awards for 5, 10, 15, 20, etc. years of employment but those are many years apart. Consider making your corporate award program a yearly gift at minimum so employees feel motivated on a consistent basis. One goal of your employee rewards program is to make sure the staff are recognized for their efforts. Corporate awards should be given out in a public manner, such as company special occasions, so the recipient and rest of the team know they have displayed good work and top-of-the-line efforts.

  • Select Program Awards

    Selecting Awards

    To implement and effective corporate reward program your award selection needs to be unique. By using our 20 levels of gift selection you can be ensured that the recipient will get an item they are truly proud of. Each level implements items from different sections of life such as Jewelry, Traditional Gifts, Lifestyle and Artwork. This gives the award recipient a choice in the corporate award they receive and what means the most to them. This gives your program the ability to be as individual as each recipient.


    The most important thing to remember about a recognition and reward program is that you are trying to build a team environment, stimulate employee interest, and create positive behaviors. That doesn’t always take money. It does take some listening and a special time to say what employee is a valuable asset to your company. The corporate recognition that sticks with people doesn’t have anything to do with money. People enjoy being thanked for the work they do.

    What you need to determine is how much the award you are giving the employee should be worth. On average most companies will budget $10-$12 per year of service. Of course this is determined by what type of reward program you are implementing. An effective award mix accommodates different levels, from everyday employee contributions to major achievements and milestones. With our 20 levels of customized award products includes options for any budget.

  • Award Program Management

    Program Management

    We recognize that our business is to make your job easier. With our Professionally Managed Employee Recognition Programs we help minimize your administration and ensure a corporate reward solution that runs smoothly. We handle all or part of the administration. From manufacturing the award, program design, implementation, flexible payment options, website maintenance, order tracking, award shipping and ongoing support.

    Online Tracking / Award Redemption

    Online tools that make your recognition program easier to run and more engaging for your employees

    Plus, we can arrange to have them shipped virtually anywhere

  • Get Started

    Get Started

    Getting Started with Employee Recognition Programs

    We work with you to ensure all print, web and award options meet your quality standards to provide a valuable award to recognize the employees achievement. After we know what awards your employee would appreciate, then we design a custom award selection packet, website and custom message from your corporate team. This creates a unique award program showing your employees how their achievement is a value to your corporate organization.