Manufacturing Steps

  • Custom Jewelry Manufacturer

    Manufacturing Process

    Black Forest has been a proud manufacturer of recognition jewelry since 1984. We handcraft each award in the time honored, old world tradition. Our staff can design awards to meet all of your recognition requirements for sales, service, safety or other achievement. We specialize in custom programs tailored to your specific needs. Our skilled artisans are committed to using the highest quality materials to produce awards of exceptionally high perceived value.

    We work with our clients to develop truly unique custom award designs and employ a strict manufacturing process from design to finished custom award.

  • Custom Jewelry Tooling

    Jewelry Tooling

    We offer and provide you the complete line of tools and supplies for the Lost Wax Casting process. We furnish the equipment for the casting houses involved the manufacturing of Jewelry.

    Lost Wax Casting is a method that dates back hundreds of years, from sand and clay casting to investment castings. The lost wax casting process is a reliable and cost efficient method of creating and manufacturing jewelry. Investment casting is used with almost any castable metal, such as Gold, Silver, Platinum, Copper alloys, Aluminum alloys and steel are the most common.

    You will find all the basics, wax working supplies, carving waxes to produce wax models, waxes for sprueing and injection, mold making supplies including mold rubber, mold frames, crucibles for melting and casting, ingot molds, flasks and Investment powders for the vacuum and centrifugal casting systems and the Pro-Gold casting alloys.

    We believe that this is the most crucial aspect of manufacturing.

  • Lost Wax

    Lost Wax Casting

    Lost Wax Casting is the process in which an object, preferably wax, is turned into a metal form. The process is useful for jewelry or small scale metal fabrication. Your object can be made out of other materials such as resin, plastic, or a variety of found objects. The exact surface that is on your initial model is going to be the surface of your metal piece.

    The lost wax casting process is widely used as it offers asymmetrical casting with very fine details to be manufactured relatively inexpensively. The process involves producing a metal casting using a refractory mould made from a wax replica pattern.

  • Jewelry Casting


    We manufacture casting products with gold, sterling silver, brass, bronze, and aluminum. We are specialists in investment casting using the Lost Wax Casting Process.

    We offer full casting services from design through production. As Lost Wax Casting Process craftsman, we are able to solve virtually every casting problem and situation including the minimization of porosity. We also know how to regulate temperature and pressure to assure that all pieces are filled properly. Our strict casting quality control guidelines allow us to offer you castings that are sharp and detailed. And, our experience and knowledge of the casting industry makes it possible for us to maintain costs and meet delivery dates. We are available to review your concepts, designs and production schedule without cost or obligation.

  • Jewelry Finishing

    Jewelry Finishing

    Finishers specialize in precision grinding, polishing, lapping, rhodium finishing, texturizing, and tooling. They are responsible for the final appearance of every product we make or repair.

    Wheel Polishing Jewelry
    Large stitched muslin wheels are used to apply various compounds to precious metals to bring out the maximum luster. Each type of metal requires different compounds and wheels to cut through scratches and properly brighten it. The buffing machines are linked to air handlers to control dust and manage precious metal recovery.