Gold Pricing


GOLD VARIATION FACTOR: All prices are based on a Gold Market price of $1,000.00 per troy ounce. If the current Gold Market price is higher or lower than $1,000.00 a “Gold Variation Factor” will be used to adjust to the current market. PLEASE CALL FOR CURRENT PRICING.

The sales team can provide you with the proper adjustment when applicable and answer any questions you may have. All precious metal orders will be adjusted to the gold market price valid on the work-day after the purchase order is received. The adjusted price is good for the product described on your P.O. for 15 days.

Note: Prices are for standard designs. There may be price reductions available where multiple or matching styles apply. There may be additional charges for complex or custom masters. Our sales team will advise you on the most cost effective way to create your design.

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