Curious About Your Customer’s Story? – August 21, 2014


Effective selling depends upon strong connection skills. This advice comes from the late Stephen Covey in his classic book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Covey points out, “Most people don’t listen with the intent to understand—they listen with the intent to respond.”

Does this sound like you? Do you wait for the customer to stop talking just so you can start? Do you divert your attention away from your prospect to think about your product? Or do you take the time to truly and deeply connect with your customers’ story?

Promotional Consultant Today shares this sales approach for engaging in your customer’s story from sales expert Jeff Shore.

The direct application of this concept (both in sales and in life) revolves around a critical life skill: childlike curiosity. Most salespeople are just not curious enough about the lives of prospects and customers they encounter.

You see, everyone brings with them a story to tell. And those stories generally point you down the path of a successful sale. The issue really comes down to one critical skill: the ability to ask good questions.

Curiosity demands questions (just ask any four-year-old child). Curious people aren’t worried about being interesting. Curious people are interested.

Here is the single-most powerful phrase you can use to develop your curiosity skills:

“Tell me more about that.”

This simple request encourages people to go deeper. It gives them permission to open up. And it provides the basis of a deeper understanding. So find a way to encourage the other person to share on a deeper level. The follow-up questions—the “go deeper” questions—challenge the other person to share what’s really going on in their world.

Take the time to find a genuine interest in the lives of your prospects and customers.

Source: Jeff Shore’s highly sought-after sales training seminars and keynote addresses inspire audiences across the globe to change their mindset and change their world. As an in-demand sales expert, author, speaker and consultant for over three decades, Shore has a unique ability to connect with audiences on a personal level and transform the way they look at what they do, inspiring meaningful and lasting change. His latest book, Be Bold and Win the Sale, reflects his innovative, research-driven and real-world approach to boldness—a fundamental shift in how to approach the sales process.

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