Arm Yourself


If you or your clients aren’t participating in “arm parties,” then you’re definitely missing out. For the uninitiated, an arm party is achieved when a woman layers multiple bracelets and watches on one or both of her arms. Leandra Medine, author of The Man Repeller blog and the first to use the term, says it’s not an arm party until there are a minimum of three pieces of jewelry on a single arm. Of course, the more the merrier—Medine has styled her wrists with as many as 10 baubles at a time.

For an arm party to look its best, wearers should vary the widths and styles of the pieces they choose, opting for a mix of wide cuffs and medium-to-small bangles and friendship bracelets. Selecting pieces that fit with a theme, such as all silver, all gold or elements such as glitter or chains, unifies the look. To make the party feel complete, a watch is almost always invited.

Richardson, Texas-based supplier Fossil (UPIC: FOSS0001) has caught on to the arm party trend and is offering its iconic watches alongside complementary bangles. Its catalog beckons distributors to “get stacking” and shows its stainless-steel women’s watch in three hues—silver, gold and rose gold—paired with three different coordinating bangle options.

“We love stacking watches with bangles and bracelets. It creates the perfect blend of functionality and style,” says Daniel Schiele, marketing coordinator for Fossil.

If bracelets aren’t quite your thing, a grouping of rings makes a nice “finger party.” Or try multiple necklaces. Whatever the type of jewelry you prefer, PPB has scoped out some industry options that are sure to make your campaigns sparkle.

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